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“I used BrillyantSkin™ on a rather large seborrhea keratosis on my left hand and this product totally eradicated it within 3 weeks.”

– Anthony P. MD

“I take hormone replacement therapy and developed a melasma on my left shoulder. BrillyantSkin™ removed it with only 2 treatments.”

– Sherry B

“I am a boater and get sun spots on my head and face quite often. I used and use this product all the time during the boating season.”

– Tony A

“My twin sister told me about BrillyantSkin™ so I tried it on one spot. Amazingly, it took it off with only 2 treatments. I am now using it to get rid of the other 7 spots on my hands.”

– Pat C

“I must admit I was skeptical that this product would work as I am a scientist, but I had a spot on my head and decided to try BrillyantSkin™ on it. Within 5 days the spot was gone.”

– Keith B. PhD

“I am 94 years old but the dark spots still bother me! I put BrillyantSkin™ on my hands and they certainly did disappear and not merely lighten.”

– Dorothy Y

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Our clinically proven dark spot corrector can remove hyperpigmentation in two weeks. It is also cost-effective and hydroquinone free. Please call us if you have any questions about our dark spot remover.

*Specific results are not guaranteed and actual results will vary by individual user.

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**Clinical studies conducted at Kaleida Health-Millard Hospital, Gates Circle, in Buffalo, New York demonstrated that all participants in the trial experienced the elimination of all spots located within the treated areas and no scarring was noted.

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